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Vegas Travel Tips: 7 Ways to Improve Your Video Poker Game

If you’re planning to gamble in Las Vegas, the first thing to know is that Vegas casinos stay in business for a reason: more often than not, the house wins. Here are seven ways to tip the hand in your favor when playing video poker.

Know where to gamble.

Casinos on the Strip are packed with slot machines and have few video poker machines. The average Vegas tourist doesn’t know much about gambling, but they are willing to play slots because it’s purely a game of chance, and I’ll admit some the themes they come up for slot machines are pretty enticing. You’ll find more video poker machines if you head over to Fremont Street, but the best place to find video poker is in casinos that cater to locals like The Orleans or The Palms. These casinos have more video poker machines than slots because locals know the odds of winning at video poker are better than slots.

Video poker is not the same as a live poker game.

In a live poker gamer, you’re trying to get a better hand than the other players in the game. When playing video poker, you’re trying to get the best hand possible because the better your hand, the bigger the payout.

Compare payout charts.

Every video poker machine will have a payout chart that spells out how much the machine will pay for each hand. Payouts will vary depending on the type of game you’re playing and the amount you’re betting. Generally speaking, quarter machines will have a better payout than nickel machines, and double or triple bonus poker will pay more than games like deuces wild or joker poker.

Don’t hold for the royal flush every time.

While it’s true that the payout corresponds to your hand, this doesn’t mean you should try for a royal flush every time. For example, if you’re dealt two cards of a royal and a pair, hold the pair. The odds of being dealt a royal flush in the next draw are very slim, but you have a good chance of drawing three of a kind. Three of a kind might not pay much, but you’ll win something. If you hold for the royal, you’ll most likely end up losing. If you’re dealt three cards of a royal, go for it.

If you’re dealt a flush or a straight, hold all your cards, press the draw button, and collect the payout. This is the same principle as holding for three of kind instead of a royal. You have to play the odds, and the odds are that you’ll end up losing your bet if throw away a straight or a flush to try for a better hand.

Machines run hot and cold.

Chalk it up to the magic of Vegas, but I’ve found that if I’m losing hand after hand at one machine, my luck might change if I move to a different machine; compared to https://tunasbola.org/link-alternatif-sbobet/ slots which is all virtual and can be played without any concerns like these that makes the user frustrated especially when they are winning the game continuously. Statistically speaking, there’s no rationale for machines to run hot and cold. The odds of winning are the same for each hand your dealt. Nevertheless, almost all gamblers believe in luck to some degree.

Never hold for an inside straight.

This is a poker strategy that applies to all poker games regardless of whether you’re playing a live game a video poker. The odds of drawing the card you need for an inside straight are so small, that you’re better off throwing the hand away and drawing again.