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The Most Entertaining Websites

Every day millions of people struggle to find entertainment online. It’s really annoying when you want to find some cool websites, but google and ask.com just don’t find any. I have always had this problem, but with all the valuable sites I have found or my friends have told me, this is not a problem for me anymore. I will now guide you to the best links and sites where you can find the best entertainment for yourself.

Situs Judi Online

If you are looking for card games that you can enjoy with your friends and family then Situs Judi Online is the best website for that. There you will find the very best card games that you can play and even win money with that. 


An incredible site filled with funny videos and games. This site has always been one of my favorites because of all the videos and games are actually fun. On YouTube, you might have looked at the ‘most popular’ rankings and noticed that some of them are simply some boring news cuts or nature documents.



Now, this site is also from one of my favorites. Explosm is filled with movies, articles, videos that are very nice, but the absolutely best thing on this website is… Cyanide and Happiness! Filled with short and funny cartoons, I have spent hours and hours on clicking the ‘random cartoon’ button and laughing. I bet if you visit this site, it will become a daily routine for you.



Bored offers a really wide range of everything that’s entertaining. Jokes, videos, cartoons, games, quizzes, and much more! Whenever I am bored I just go to Bored and after a couple of seconds, I’m not bored anymore. Bored offers entertainment for kids to adults making the site suit for anybody. Filled with over 5,000 links, this site is just a perfect way to kill time.

World’s Hardest Game


This is a game that will keep you trying for long. 30 extremely difficult stages that you must complete with dying as less as you can. I’ve spent really much time on this game and this even used to be my hope page *laughter*.

Comedy Central


Another fantastic site filled with videos, games, stand up comedy, and much more. Comedy Central is like a funny version of youtube that has removed all the boring videos and banned all the boring people. A well-made site that is true comedy!



Newgrounds is filled with flash videos and games. Many people only play games there, but you should also watch some of the flash videos, some are really funny! Also, the forums are filled with funny conversations so you can go talk there yourself.



BraxtanFilm offers a collection of fan movies made by them. These fan movies are actually really good and I suggest you watch them. I decided to put this here too, but the next paragraph is about the best fan film from BraxtanFilm, the Return Of The Ghostbusters.



Another very nice site filled with videos and pictures. Pretty much like Comedy Central and offer a similar range of videos. I suggest you check them both out.



What would a ‘most entertaining sites’ writing be without YouTube? YouTube offers a wonderful community and an extremely wide range of videos. Good for watching music videos. Also, you may quickly upload all your owns videos too.



Filled with many optic illusions, this site is, in my opinion, the best place for illusions. I’ve spent a lot of time here too, and I have to say that it’s a great site and I couldn’t leave it from this list.

I hope this helped some of you people.