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The Evolution of Craps

It’s been a long winding road to the modern online version of craps casino gambling. Dice games appear to go back many millennia depending on which historical authority you refer to, and the online craps history is beginning to grow as well. A very brief synopsis of that transformation to the modern virtual game, and why the current version is a natural improvement upon tradition is explained below:

Long before online craps, history records a number of cultures who allegedly developed the game. According to Wikipedia, ‘Hazard’ was the original name for craps, although the more precise original basis for the game remains uncertain. It is variously claimed that either the Arab peoples created it before it migrated to Europe, or that it was created by the Knights of England as a form of recreation they performed between each other in between attempts to seize Hazarth Castle in 1125. Since it was an Arab Castle, it could be argued that Sir William of Tyre and his Knights learned of the game during the siege.

It is also claimed that dice, the basic object used in the modern game, dates to 600 BC in Egypt, and was used by ancient Middle Eastern peoples to play early versions of gambling game, though it’s not clear if those games resemble what we know today as craps. The same can be said of ancient Indians, whose poets mentioned their warriors often played dice games. Still others say Roman soldiers created it, by shaving down pig knuckles to form cubes that they would then roll for their enjoyment or to place bets on. It was nonetheless among the English peoples where craps grew in popularity, and where it became a highly played amusement in gambling parlors by the 1600s.

The French became fascinated with the game in the 18th century, and it is from their corrupted version of the English word “crabs” that the word craps is derived (it is the French term for “snake eyes” or losing in the game). Craps was played in the French colony of Arcadia until the middle of the century, when the English took control of the area and renamed it Nova Scotia. French settlers in Louisiana brought the game to colonial America and by the early 1800s hazard was simplified into the current version of craps. To some extent the allure of craps was magnified at this time, by being associated with the romantic image people had of showboat casinos and wild west gambling halls.

John H. Winn modernized the game still further in the early 20th century by introducing the modern grid layout, and rules for playing it. Winn’s version of the game also eliminate cheating, by permitting the disciplines to bet both for or against the shooter. The state of Nevada legalized gambling in 1931 it set the stage for explosive growth in popularity of craps and other casino games. The second world war produced another resurgence in the game, as soldiers played it during an active periods between battle assignments. This helped spread the current version around the world. Craps has since become one of the standard games available at casinos worldwide.

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