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Poker Online: Play Money Games

One of the benefits of online gaming is that all poker websites offer some kind of play-money games. In these games, the chips used are pokerís version of monopoly money – they cost nothing to get, and they are worth nothing at the end. Play-money games are now extremely popular, in fact sometimes youíll see play-money games outnumbering real-money games on any given poker site. At the very least, these games are a worthwhile place for newbies to learn the basic mechanics of the siteís software, as well as the game of poker itself. They also provide a form of free entertainment. Beyond that, there is a great deal of debate about what value, if any, play-money games have for learning strategy on Judi Bola Terpercaya.

First it should be said that knowing the basic mechanics of the game down cold is a skill that should never be underrated. Itís not that uncommon to see real-money players lose a big chunk of real-money chips simply because they mis-read the cards. The ability to read cards is crucial in flop games like Holdíem, and especially so in the case of Omaha and Omaha Hi-Lo – where itís not unusual for even experienced players to get confused about what they have. To play these games well, you must be able to look at the community board and instantly know all of the following: what your hand is right now, what the nuts for that board is right now, what draws you have, how many clean outs you have to improve, and if your improved hand will be the nuts if you make it. Logging in many hours at the play-money games can be invaluable for learning how to do this.

That said, funny-money games are generally a world away from real-money games in terms of how people play in them. Even at the lowest of the low limits, players generally show some respect for their money. But when the money is fake, that respect goes out the window. These players have no fear of losing (if you should lose all your play-money chips, the sites will simply give you more). In turn, this leads to extremely loose-aggressive play – much more so than youíll normally see in a cash game.

At play-money games, you will often see players call, raise, and bluff with utter trash hands. They would never in a million years play like that if there were real money at stake. At worst, these games can get so ridiculously loose-aggressive that itís not even truly poker anymore. Thereís no intelligent thought, no strategy, nothing but a pure crapshoot to see who holds the best cards at the end. Many believe that playing for any length of time in such games can actually harm a personís ability to play well, because these games teach bad habits that will be difficult to unlearn later on.

But not all play-money games are like that. If you look around and try to be selective, you can find some games that are reasonably tight, where players try to hang onto their fake-money chips simply out of pride. These tighter games play similarly to a low-limit cash game. Also, play money tournaments (both multi-table and single-table) tend to play tighter, and thus can provide a worthwhile arena for beginners to learn a little strategy. Perhaps even better, most sites now offer nano-limit games, where the stakes get as low as 2 cents/4 cents. It takes very little money to play in these games – if you lose it all then it shouldnít be a big deal – and because there is some real cash on the line, they provide a much more realistic training ground for new poker players to pick up on strategy.

Being able to beat play-money games on a regular basis is certainly not a guarantee that you will be able to beat the game once you graduate to real money. One of the bigger drawbacks of playing poker for fake money is that it can give you too much false confidence. Generally in these games you will be playing against opponents who are the absolute worst of the worst – either because they are brand-new to the game, or else because they are just flat-out terrible players who have never been able to last long when real money was at stake.

In short, play-money games are almost obscenely soft and easy to beat. Basically all you have to do to win is play reasonably tight and wait to make some good hands. When that does happen, youíll get paid off handsomely and make a funny-money bundle. On the flip side, if you are unable to beat the play money games regularly, you can be 100% certain that you wonít be able to beat the real-money games, either.

All the entertainment is covered through the deposit you make before you play at a table, the deposit is higher than the winning percentage. The online casino might be popular but the land-based casinos are still extremely popular as a spot to go to enjoy with friends over a bunch of drinks and the free accompaniments.