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All Slots Casino Attributes A Progressive Slots Advertising

January 16, 2021

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Dark Void: This is More Than Just a Dark Void

Imagine your five favourite ingredients in food. Mix it together with a wand blender. Do you think the result is unbeatable good? Hardly. Dark Void from Capcom is a bit like that, it is a good deal of candy here, but the mix is a bit weird. Shooting and cover system is taken from Gears of War, storytelling and voice acting smells Uncharted, board design is a mix of above and Mass Effect, while the color palette has a light scent of Halo.

Yet it is hard to dislike this game, there is something absurd alluring with Dark Void, too. Something that pushes you further, although the notch in the record is a little too much gameplay wise at the end. Similarity is perhaps not so many, but I get the same feeling of Dark Void as with American McGees Scrapland when I play. There is something slightly mysterious, extraordinary and a little indefinable of both titles.

Dark Void gives you the chills similar to Darth Vader in Star Wars and its enticing enough to keep you on the tenterhooks right till the end, which is why many would put it in their top 10 list of Pkv QQ games.

Usual opening

Initially, however, this is a very standard shooter. Well, the story ensures that it is not quite standard. As the wartime pilot William Gray (played by Nathan Drake-actor Nolan North) rushed to the middle of the Bermuda Triangle along with what appears to be a former fling. It is clear that the early gardens in the world is not at all on this earth, but a parallel universe filled with nasty creatures that want you and all mankind to life. Here comes to all the excess Nikola Tesla, the famous inventor and scientist, this must only be very good!

You run around on the board who will arrange for you to when the coverage before you guys loose on the gether-like (read: Mass Effect) enemies. And is thus a large part of Dark Void quite predictable, it is not difficult to guess when enemies are in their usual waves – just take a look at how many cans and other coverage that is in your immediate vicinity. Coverage The system is very much like what we’ve seen in, for example, Gears of War, right down to the feature where you can fire “blindly” by without putting yourself in danger.

Dead enemies emit technology points, which can be used to upgrade weapons and equipment. A good motivation, but the system is not used often enough, so that it is an important part of the game. What however is important is the moment you get a real jetpack of the dear Tesla. Then is Dark Void taken to a new level, and it is reasonably clear that this is more than a regular shooter.

Alternative spider man

The most innovative in the Dark Void is shooting matches in vertical environments, ie up the mountain slopes and the walls of the gigantic buildings. These are both interesting and confusing at the same time, I can not remember having been quite the same feeling in some other games before. The fighting may take place both up and down, where gravity and the jetpack is your best friends. Enemies can appear in absolutely every direction, and with little time pressure besides it will not take long before the adrenaline starts to pump up to the head.

At the highest level of difficulty is Dark Void relatively difficult, there is no doubt about that. Enemy flora is good, and the bad ones have more tools in wait to stop you. Although they are accurate, they are not particularly smart. The enemy has predictable movement patterns (both on ground and air), which sometimes makes it a little to easy for you to get you further.

Head of combat is also the case, the larger units are dumb as bread – force despite. When dragging the allies, only to forget them. They shoot as blind pacifists, and rolled around like gold fish in a small glass bowl.

The mix of mainstream games, flight and vertical Fighting defines in many ways, Dark Void, together with the slightly unbelievable story. I will not say very much about it, you have to almost experience it yourself, but I can reveal that it was not Hitler who started the Second World War.

Messy and Incoherent

On a general basis, I think storytelling, supported by the sequences, appears to be fairly messy and incoherent. It is not always receive with you why you do what, and then lose the game a little context. However, you can find small journals scattered randomly around the world that make a good job explaining some of the background to what is happening around you – but it’s not like it’s enough.

This, along with a gameplay that eventually repeats itself in regular patterns, is the game drag. When you think it goes towards the end, turn yourself in to thinking “it is not over yet?”. It’s like the last hour of the third Lord of the Rings movie, one should put a dot far in the past. Isolation is more of exciting gameplay elements, but they are used in such a way that the abrasion resistance is well below par – you get just tired.

We have been in on that Dark Void is a mixture of a lot of things, it also applies to the visual. There is no question of any final scream graphics, but it is quite problematic to admire some of the environments in this game. In the air you will get an overview of how enormous some of the boards are, and you get the good feeling in the floor that you are part of something fresh and exciting.

Between sequences is like in Uncharted (though with somewhat weaker direction), perhaps not surprising as we have with exactly the same male actor in the lead role. Color range beyond the game becomes more and more Halo-inspired, where the alien is defined by strong blues. Quite attractive, but interesting to the eye, it is rare.

Dark Void gets a plus point for a clean and good user interface, but are drawn for a camera that can be troublesome in some narrower sections of the game. The figure animation occasionally borders to the completely ridiculous, it seems that you follow disguised Japanese robot rabbits when you have your allies on the battlefield with you. Invisible walls to narrow down your movements are also always a minus, as in this game.

The sound ranges from the ingenious to the somewhat strange. The music is written by Bear McCreary (Battlestar Galactica), and he succeeded very well in his first game project. There, the story goes wrong, can his music create mood and presence. The music is spectacular, not to topple over to the pompous and ostentatious. Voice actor is largely salah, while sound effects are a little more hairy. They do not completely take into account the surrounding environment, which among other things, results in a strange sound from the shoes of Will. But this is just small things, I know.


Dark Void is not the worst cocktail I’ve tasted, the problem is that you can not wash down to many of them – then the taste would be dull and a little headache could sneak into the head. I was most impressed with the sections where you can use your jetpack to UFO’s, or fight in vertical environments against the whimsical enemies. The ordinary ground-fighting quickly becomes boring, and appearing as a rather pale copy of Gears of War.

The games predictability, both in board design and the impending construction, makes one also becomes bored when the end is approaching. History on it’s side is strange, interesting and messy – you never quite get what this is all about, but you want to look around the next corner. In short, Dark Void is a promising title, which is not able to fulfill completely. Take a quick look at the demo before you decide whether this is for you.

Homemade Christmas Gifts for the Gambler

Homemade Christmas Gifts for the Gambler.

Your gambler can be a casino hopper or the guy that holds the weekly poker night. There’s a gift you can make for either one.

Gift online gift cards

There are tons of online poker websites like Judi online that you can try and give their gift cards to your friends. This is a really good and effective gift that you can never go wrong. 

Give a Gift for the Poker King:

If you know someone that has a regular poker night there are a lot of gifts that can be given. Some are from the kitchen, to feed that crew that comes over. Some can be ornamental like a platter to hold those snacks.

Try some unusual snacks, Smoked Almond Cheese Snacks:

Preheat the oven to 425 degrees.

Mix 4 cups of flour, 1tsp of salt, and 1/2 tsp of cayenne pepper. Grate a 16 oz. smoked cheddar cheese block and add the cheese (4 cups) to the flour mixture. You will need 2 cups of butter that is slightly softened. Cut it by bits and mix it into the flour for a crumbly mixture. Eventually, after you knead it a while, it will become a smooth dough.

Flour wax paper and roll the dough out until it is ¼ inch thick. Use a 1 1/2-inch round cookie cutter to cut the shapes. You can also use the shapes of the card suits if you have cookie cutters that are available. Put them on a greased cookie sheet and put a whole hickory-flavored almond in the center of each. You will need about 12 oz. of almonds. Bake the cheese bites for 10-12 minutes or until the edges are lightly browned. Cool on a wire rack. This recipe will make 120 snacks.

If you don’t have smoked cheddar, use regular and add a dab of hickory smoke flavoring. I’ve even used the recipe with regular cheddar and no smoked flavoring. Both are good.

Serve it up on a Royal Flush Platter.

You can make a glass royal flush serving platter. Purchase a plate or platter that has a smooth underside. You will be decoupaging that side. You can find inexpensive clear glass plates at second-hand stores, dollar stores, or charity thrift shops. Make certain there are no scratches on the plate.

The simple method for clear glass requires a picture of a royal flush or individual pictures of the cards in a royal flush. There are several sites that have pictures available for purchase or for free, that you can save to a file and burn in a CD. You can either email or take the burnt CD to a discount or drug store that has a walk-in photo service, such as Wal-Mart, Target or Costco, and get a laser-printed photo made. I know that this sounds like a lot of work, but the ink smears if you print it at home.

You’re going to glue the picture to the backside of the plate, so it shows through the glass. Turn the plate over and center the photo. Clip the picture out and spread the spot on the back of the plate that you will be placing the picture, with a thin layer of under-glass glue or a decoupage medium for glass. Put the picture face down on the glue and put a piece of wax paper over the picture and roll it with a brayer, which removes any air bubbles. The brayer is a little roller. If you have a small wallpaper roller at home, it works well too. Remove the wax paper and clean off any excess glue. Allow this to dry. Put a coat of the decoupage medium over the back of the picture so when you paint it, the paint doesn’t bleed through. Cover it thoroughly and allow it to dry. If you are using a strong color such as black or red, do a second coat to the cards.

Use a sponge and enamel craft paint to paint a background color. Allow this to dry thoroughly. Use as many coats of paint as necessary to achieve the finish you want, making certain that you allow them to dry in between. You can also coat the entire back with the glue and glue contrasting cotton fabric as the background. You can add other images or outline the cards with a different color. When the plate has dried apply a coat or two of decoupage medium to it. Apply a thin coat of spray varnish to seal it once the glue is dried. Flip the plate over and you have a poker plate with a Royal Flush in the center.

Attach a note to the plate, “Not dishwasher safe. Be careful when hand washing. Do not soak the plate.” Put the Smoked Almond Cheese snacks in a plastic container. Wrap the two separately and tie the packages together with a ribbon.

For the Casino Gambler:

Buy a fanny pack and load it for action. Except for the ATM cards and the money, you can use the article “Fanny packs: The Gamblers Suitcase” as a guide to packing the fanny pack with useful items.

Scan the dollar stores for small objects that you could use as a good luck charm. My sister and I took another sister to Las Vegas for their 50th wedding anniversary gift. I found little fuzzy pressed cardboard animals and passed them out as good luck charms. They were only 50 cents and a great deal of fun. They already came in a small plastic bag. If you find something like this, give the object an exotic name and print it on a card with a “history” of its magical good luck powers. If your recipient goes to Atlantic City or Las Vegas and plays keno, give them a magic Keno crayon. (They don’t let Keno players have sharp objects.) Include a “lucky buck”, a dollar bill in a bag with “Lucky Buck wrote on it.

Make certain that you put lots of hard wrapped candy with the gift. Lifesavers, Jolly Rogers, and mints are great.

Just give a Lucky Charm.

Let your imagination be your guide. Make something small out of beads or fabric. Keep it small enough that it can be clutched in the hand easily. Attach a chain to your figure and give it a history. For example, you could say the magic amulet from Queen Slotsalot of ancient Egypt. Type up a story about how it was found in her tomb with a message to give it to the man or woman that wants pure luck. Keep the story short and size it to fit on a business size card. Print it out on heavy stock paper and attach it to your homemade good luck charm.

Las Vegas Vacation: 5 Tips for First-Timers

You have decided to visit Las Vegas for the first time. You know a few things about the city. You know it is nicknamed “Sin City” because of all the gambling that goes on there, not to mention the nightlife. You also know it’s supposed to be “The Entertainment Capital of the World”. You picture yourself driving down the strip-like Dan Tanna, enjoying the flashing neon lights above all the casinos. But what can you really expect when you get there? 

First of all, let’s give you a layout of Las Vegas. It is located in Nevada, is the largest city and its mostly filled with huge casino hotels and clubs while being surrounded by a desert landscape. Many tourists, especially those from California, love to drive back and forth since it is only a little over 200 miles. If you are coming from the east of Las Vegas when driving you will have a good view of Lake Mead and you can also make a stop at Hoover Dam. If you do decide to drive, make sure you have packed plenty of water as you will be going through lots of deserts making you dehydrated. Also, try to keep sunscreen close by and make sure your clothes are light instead of dark colors and are comfortable.

With this being the first time you are in Vegas, it might be best if you stay on or stick close to the Strip, which is the main street in Las Vegas. You may think that one street will not entertain you for your entire stay, but you would be wrong. There are many things to do along the Strip to keep you occupied and entertained.

There are lots of casinos, nightclubs, and hotels along the Strip. In fact, most of the hotels have some kind of gambling, show or some other form of entertainment right there in the lobby. You may have to pay for most of this entertainment, but there are also a lot of free things you can do along the Strip. However, if you are a serious gambler then you are going to love the casinos in Las Vegas. Although, you always have the option of trying online gambling at situs judi online before you head out to physical casinos and play with other professional players. 

For instance, the Fountains of the Bellagio, located at the front of the Bellagio hotel, is definitely one of the highlights of a Las Vegas trip and is totally free of charge. The shows run during the day (every hour) on the weekends only and every single night (every 15 minutes). The water shoots out of the fountain, sometimes softly and slowly, other times hard and fast depending upon the music it is set to. As the music plays, the water also twists and turns. You will hear songs from artists ranging from Celine Dion to, of course, Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley. What would a trip to Las Vegas be without hearing their songs like “Luck Be A Lady Tonight”, “Fly Me To The Moon” and what else – “Viva Las Vegas”. These displays are so fun and moving, bringing a smile to your face or tears to your eyes.

One tip here – if you rent a room in the Bellagio where you can see the fountains from your room, you can enjoy this magical display without ever having to leave the comfort of your room. Order room service, turn on your television set to the right channel and the music filters through the room while you watch the display from your room.

Other hotels along the Strip offer free things to see in or near their hotel as well. If you enjoy looking at wild animals (no, I am not talking about the Chippendale or Crazy Horse Paris shows that have nude or nearly nude men and women dancers) then the MGM Grande has a Lion Habitat while the Mirage is host to White Tiger. These are free, whereas the other shows mentioned before cost money – although it is well worth the price if you enjoy that sort of thing.

There are also circus acts (Circus, Circus), Human Statues (The Venetian) and the pirate show (Treasure Island). However, if you are taking the kids along, you might want to bypass the pirate show. Yes, it sounds like a children’s show and actually was until recently when they turned it into more of an adult show. If you insist on taking your children, make sure they are at least between the ages of 8 to 10 years old.

Of course, every hotel has its own casino and buffet. Las Vegas buffets are second to none. Each hotel also puts on its own shows, most of which you will have to pay for – again worth the money. You can see anyone from Toni Braxton to Elvis Impersonators. There are plenty of magic shows as well.

Staying on the main street, or the Strip will cost you more money than if you were to get a hotel on the outer edge of Las Vegas, however, most people feel it’s worth the extra bucks. When staying on the Strip, you can get to almost every attraction, casino and club by walking. If this is your first time, it cuts down a little on getting lost and if you do, you don’t have to worry about stopping in the middle of the road and causing a collision. So walk around and enjoy Vegas instead of driving around unless you really do think you are Dan Tanna, Private Investigator!

Blind Levels in Sit and Go Poker Tournaments

Even though sit and go tournaments change based on the location that the game is played (online or live) and the type of poker being played (limit, no-limit, stud, hold-em, HORSE), the blind levels are generally the same, and therefore can be planned for and used to your advantage over players who are either unprepared or who haven’t made the same preparations as you.

Blind levels are set up to gradually force players out of a game. If too many players don’t play or play tight, the increasing blinds will force everyone to play any two cards and it will make the outcome of the sit and go be entirely up to chance. As someone who has invested money you want to make sure this doesn’t happen and if possible, plan to make sure it doesn’t happen to you accidentally.

The beginning of a sit and go generally consists of about three blind levels. In online play, those are often 10-20, 15-30, and 25-50. Unless the play is really crazy, these three levels will often be relatively easy as everyone has ample stacks and therefore they shouldn’t play really bad cards.

The next few levels of blinds are really considered the middle of any sit and go, and a place where everyone really starts to get into the game and are forced to play either because previous mistakes have lowered their stack, or they are preparing for the bubble. In online play, these would be the blinds from 30-60 to 60-120, which is often 4-5 rounds. These rounds are strikingly different from the first ones as they increase much more quickly in terms of nominal size and therefore drain tight players’ stacks much faster. At this point, you should make sure to have a strong stack because otherwise your chips will be drained very quickly on the blinds.

After this, the game really goes into overdrive. Blinds begin to rise by a huge amount to the point that almost everyone in the sit and go is starting to feel the pressure. In a single table sit and go, if you pass the 60-120 mark with 5 people or more you are almost guaranteed that it will be a very random level of play from now on as most people will be hurting for chips and therefore forced to play a much poorer style of poker or even online poker.

When playing sit and go’s, always make sure to be cognizant of the blind level and how it will affect the play. If you make sure to do this then you will find that it is easier to keep your focus and react to what other people will do as they do it.

Financial Betting – the Tricks of the Trade

Whether you are already an expert in financial betting or have just been initiated, the information contained within this article could be beneficial to you. The spread betting market is a highly unpredictable place. Many people have lost incredible amounts of money through the making of uninformed decisions. However, the possibilities of winning large amounts of money are seemingly endless as well, with the wide variety of markets available to bet on. Along with the losses, there are stories of individuals that have become millionaires overnight. Making one simple investment could land you thousands of dollars. It all depends on how well you do your research.

In order for you to gain a profit from a financial bet, you will need to have the skills and resourcefulness to accurately predict when a price is going to go up in value. When you have established this information, you will need to place a bet and hold it for as long as possible. You won’t want to hold it for too long because in the event that the price is struck with a sudden drop then you will lose money. This is the key to financial betting. It is about seizing an opportunity as soon as it presents itself, holding on to it tightly until just before the prices begin to fall. At this point, if everything works out according to your well-researched predictions, you will turn up a large profit. After Login Poker, the players can play the games at poker tables. The observation of the opponent game will be done at poker tables for winning huge amount.  

The amount of money you win from a successful bid depends chiefly on the amount of capital you invested in your bet. If you bet with large amounts of money you risk losing it all. For this reason, beginners are advised to only bet small amounts of cash so that they can recover from the financial losses easier. One of the benefits of financial betting is that it is possible to carry out instant transactions, as there are no brokers involved in the deal. Usually there are no commissions on the profit you make either. Bets are also generally tax free, so you’ll be making a lot of clean money very quickly if you follow correct procedures.

Financial betting can be a risky business, but its benefits are worth it. If you want to make the most of financial betting, you should take a course where you will learn everything there is to know about the betting market. There are many seminars and online courses offered at reasonable prices. Spending a little extra money on acquiring financial skills that will last you a lifetime is an investment you will want to make before you start playing around with large quantities of cash that could disappear on the click of a mouse. Your financial stability is important to you. You will want to spend as much time as possible doing things that will increase your financial intelligence and minimize losses while maximizing profits. Financial betting can be a rewarding experience. It can even be a little addicting once you learn how it works.

Interesting Facts Relating to Sports Betting Systems and the Games

Betting systems are getting very popular especially the sports betting games. One of the most popular one is 토토사이트. People who have good knowledge and interest in these games are probably the ones who end up betting on these games. The following are some of the interesting facts relating to sports betting systems.

  1. These games are more suitable for gamblers who have some knowledge or information about these games and who are willing to use those skills for gambling purposes.
  2. Remember! All those people who are good at sports or who watch lot of sports do not necessarily make very good sports betting gamblers. These things, though, related with sports, are completely different and require a completely different skill set to succeed at.
  3. There are lots of people who have tried to find the best sports betting systems available on the net. But there have been very few people who have managed to find the genuine and real ones. Most of them got caught up with the scams and the fakes. Those who find the genuine ones are the ones who tried hard and spent lots of time and energy to get their hands on the genuine ones. But the others who came across the fakes just lost their patience and confidence and gave up their entire hunting process.
  4. Sports betting champ is one genuine game that most of the sports betting enthusiasts found on the net. The best part of the game is that it provides the betters with direct betting picks and moreover the success rate recorded with this game for the gamblers is a whopping ninety seven percent which is something unprecedented and cannot be experienced with any other sports betting systems. Some people have also experienced hundred percent wins which means that there is very high probability of winning almost all the bets that are being placed.
  5. There have been lots of skeptics and critics for this game who have been continuously targeting this game and calling it as a scam. But the fact remains that no critic or adversary of this game has been able to prove their claims against this game which has made their claims look very baseless. Moreover there have not been people who have bought this game and returned it because it has not made money for them. The reason is that they have been making money ever since they got hooked on to this game.
  6. The other interesting fact or observation from this game is that it is not complicated and things are kept pretty simple. If we look at other games, there would be innumerable statistics sheets and tables which would be very confusing and complicated initially and would also take lot of time for analysis and comprehension.
  7. The other big advantage of sports betting systems is that it does not have just one game at its disposal but has multiple games like NBA, NHL, NFL, etc. which gives the better the opportunity to try his hands at different games and not spend money on buying other betting systems.

Vegas Travel Tips: 7 Ways to Improve Your Video Poker Game

If you’re planning to gamble in Las Vegas, the first thing to know is that Vegas casinos stay in business for a reason: more often than not, the house wins. Here are seven ways to tip the hand in your favor when playing video poker.

Know where to gamble.

Casinos on the Strip are packed with slot machines and have few video poker machines. The average Vegas tourist doesn’t know much about gambling, but they are willing to play slots because it’s purely a game of chance, and I’ll admit some the themes they come up for slot machines are pretty enticing. You’ll find more video poker machines if you head over to Fremont Street, but the best place to find video poker is in casinos that cater to locals like The Orleans or The Palms. These casinos have more video poker machines than slots because locals know the odds of winning at video poker are better than slots.

Video poker is not the same as a live poker game.

In a live poker gamer, you’re trying to get a better hand than the other players in the game. When playing video poker, you’re trying to get the best hand possible because the better your hand, the bigger the payout.

Compare payout charts.

Every video poker machine will have a payout chart that spells out how much the machine will pay for each hand. Payouts will vary depending on the type of game you’re playing and the amount you’re betting. Generally speaking, quarter machines will have a better payout than nickel machines, and double or triple bonus poker will pay more than games like deuces wild or joker poker.

Don’t hold for the royal flush every time.

While it’s true that the payout corresponds to your hand, this doesn’t mean you should try for a royal flush every time. For example, if you’re dealt two cards of a royal and a pair, hold the pair. The odds of being dealt a royal flush in the next draw are very slim, but you have a good chance of drawing three of a kind. Three of a kind might not pay much, but you’ll win something. If you hold for the royal, you’ll most likely end up losing. If you’re dealt three cards of a royal, go for it.

If you’re dealt a flush or a straight, hold all your cards, press the draw button, and collect the payout. This is the same principle as holding for three of kind instead of a royal. You have to play the odds, and the odds are that you’ll end up losing your bet if throw away a straight or a flush to try for a better hand.

Machines run hot and cold.

Chalk it up to the magic of Vegas, but I’ve found that if I’m losing hand after hand at one machine, my luck might change if I move to a different machine; compared to slots which is all virtual and can be played without any concerns like these that makes the user frustrated especially when they are winning the game continuously. Statistically speaking, there’s no rationale for machines to run hot and cold. The odds of winning are the same for each hand your dealt. Nevertheless, almost all gamblers believe in luck to some degree.

Never hold for an inside straight.

This is a poker strategy that applies to all poker games regardless of whether you’re playing a live game a video poker. The odds of drawing the card you need for an inside straight are so small, that you’re better off throwing the hand away and drawing again.

Protecting Yourself at the Poker

A continuation of the original article How to Protect Yourself at the Poker Table, this article will cover some more in-depth cheating measures and will help you to see how even in a regular game, people can still cheat.

These are just some of the techniques applied for cheating and therefore you need to be careful in tackling them with focus and dedication, as poker table is quite different from QQ online, where the computerized players may play according to your level of strength in poker.

The Shark

Alright, the Shark is the guy who knows how to handle cards backwards and forwards. This is the guy that can stack a deck and deal cards from the bottom and overall just make your game a laughing stock. For the most part, you aren’t going to be able to spot his moves unless you have studied a long time on card cheating, but here are some hints to help you recognize the mistakes he may make as more than just mistakes.

The Hanger

A Hanger is a card that, when dealing cards from the bottom, sticks out and is clear cut evidence that the guy is a Shark. Most of the time you won’t see a hanger because it will be squared with the deck faster than you can follow, and most people don’t pay that much attention to the dealer anyway.

The Rock

Rocking refers to the motion of the cards towards and away from the dealer. This motion is often used by people who deal the second card from the top as a way to hide it. If someone is dealing a second card because they are trying to hold onto the top card, then they will be forced to deal seconds all the way around, and you will get ample time to catch the motion.

The Thumb

When dealing cards normally, the thumb pushes the card out and then is raised, retracted and placed back on the deck to deal a second card. When a Shark is dealing the second card down, he can’t lift his thumb, so the thumb has to ride on the top card. You will have to be fast to catch the difference, but it is noticeable when observed with the Rock.

The Air-grab

This occurs when a Shark goes for the second card and retracts the first and second card, leaving him holding nothing in his dealing hand. This is a dead give away. There is almost no covering this motion up except though talking to the players while dealing and keeping their attention away from the deck.

The Hop

The best way to make sure that the cards aren’t stacked is to cut the deck. The Hop is a method in which the cut is reversed. The move is obvious because there is extraneous squaring of the deck or strange up and down motion when it occurs. Also, the Hop can occur on the table when completing the cut. ALWAYS MAKE SURE IF YOU CUT THE CARDS, YOU COMPLETE THE CUT.

The Shill

The shill is the guy who is sitting there looking a little nervous because he is down some chips, but don’t worry about him, he is working with the Shark. With two people working together, there are better odds that one of them will take the pot, and it also makes it two against the table. Here are some methods of working with a shill.

The Signal

The Signal is when the Shill tells the Shark what he has without speaking. This is most often done through hand placement. The only way to catch on is if you see the two looking at each other too often, but even then there isn’t sufficient evidence to show that they were cheating.


The Shill can serve as the distraction necessary for the Shark to make his switch. When all attention is on the Shill then the Shark casually switches his cards.

These are some common ways in which a Shark will cheat, with and without a shill. Next time we will talk about two Sharks and some other devious methods to separate the sucker from his money.

The Evolution of Craps

It’s been a long winding road to the modern online version of craps casino gambling. Dice games appear to go back many millennia depending on which historical authority you refer to, and the online craps history is beginning to grow as well. A very brief synopsis of that transformation to the modern virtual game, and why the current version is a natural improvement upon tradition is explained below:

Long before online craps, history records a number of cultures who allegedly developed the game. According to Wikipedia, ‘Hazard’ was the original name for craps, although the more precise original basis for the game remains uncertain. It is variously claimed that either the Arab peoples created it before it migrated to Europe, or that it was created by the Knights of England as a form of recreation they performed between each other in between attempts to seize Hazarth Castle in 1125. Since it was an Arab Castle, it could be argued that Sir William of Tyre and his Knights learned of the game during the siege.

It is also claimed that dice, the basic object used in the modern game, dates to 600 BC in Egypt, and was used by ancient Middle Eastern peoples to play early versions of gambling game, though it’s not clear if those games resemble what we know today as craps. The same can be said of ancient Indians, whose poets mentioned their warriors often played dice games. Still others say Roman soldiers created it, by shaving down pig knuckles to form cubes that they would then roll for their enjoyment or to place bets on. It was nonetheless among the English peoples where craps grew in popularity, and where it became a highly played amusement in gambling parlors by the 1600s.

The French became fascinated with the game in the 18th century, and it is from their corrupted version of the English word “crabs” that the word craps is derived (it is the French term for “snake eyes” or losing in the game). Craps was played in the French colony of Arcadia until the middle of the century, when the English took control of the area and renamed it Nova Scotia. French settlers in Louisiana brought the game to colonial America and by the early 1800s hazard was simplified into the current version of craps. To some extent the allure of craps was magnified at this time, by being associated with the romantic image people had of showboat casinos and wild west gambling halls.

John H. Winn modernized the game still further in the early 20th century by introducing the modern grid layout, and rules for playing it. Winn’s version of the game also eliminate cheating, by permitting the disciplines to bet both for or against the shooter. The state of Nevada legalized gambling in 1931 it set the stage for explosive growth in popularity of craps and other casino games. The second world war produced another resurgence in the game, as soldiers played it during an active periods between battle assignments. This helped spread the current version around the world. Craps has since become one of the standard games available at casinos worldwide.

Gambling has become quite popular and notorious due to it being such a tempting game while the wise people consider it as a lure for fools that can only incite hatred and lead to loss of everything that you own but that does not stop anyone from trying it out and with internet being available on smartphones, there are numerous situs judi resmi and you will be spoilt for choice to search out for even one of them.

13 Tzameti Plays Russian Roulette with the Plot

It’s challenging to build a movie around one scene and pull it off. Most films can’t do it, and “13 Tzameti” can be added to that list.

The French film tries to build a story around a gambling game of Russian roulette.

When poor worker Sebastien (George Babluani) stumbles upon a train ticket and cryptic message he decides to follow it in search of riches for him and his family.

The ticket and a phone call lead him to a game to the death. Wealthy gamblers with nothing better to spend their money on than the death of others recruit men willing to die for a good deal of money.

Sebastien is allowed to participate in the game. The movie is built around the scenes of Russian roulette. And those scenes are stunning and agonizingly suspenseful.

However, the opening is slow and tedious. The reasoning of Sebastien being permitted to participate is questionable.

Babluani is great. He does a wonderful job of portraying an innocent construction worker who finds himself a participant in an ever-increasing “game” of kill or be killed.

The game begins with all the participants standing in a circle. Each one gets one gun and one bullet. After spinning the chambers they hold the gun to the head of the player in front of them. When signaled, each competitor pulls the trigger hoping the person behind them does not have a loaded chamber.

The rich gamblers win every time their player survives and advances to the next round. They also win if their participant happens to fire a bullet into the brain of their preceding opponent.

Babluani shows his terror in the way his arm never stops shaking. Whenever he holds his gun to the head in front of him, his arm shivers uncontrollably.

The movie makes its money in these scenes. Between gun plays are questionable scenes showing how the players pass time before the next round in dewicasino88 because its one of the hardest game but the price consideration and the benefits of betting games in them is definitely value for money. They all seem to be seasoned veterans who’ve survived previous battles. But with that many survivors how many have been willing to play and lost?

And still some lose it when playing. But if they’ve come this far wouldn’t they be nearly numb to the experience.

The film is shot in black and white, something that to me adds to the suspense of the film.

A few other plot holes keep this movie from getting off the shoulda coulda list.

But if you’re willing to forgive it for its flaws and able to stay patient for the first half hour, the movie will pay off in its suspense.

The gun scenes are great. And they’re great without being gory. Simple deaths make their point. No exploding brains or excessive blood. To have done that might have taken away from the film’s simplicity. Though to have added it, could have added more tension, giving Sebastien an insight into what could happen to him.

Writer/director Gela Babluani shows promise. And Pascal Bongard is great as the crazy but in charge master of ceremonies.