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Malta Online Casino Jurisdiction

The licensing plays a very important role for online casinos and their visitors. Today people prefer gambling only at the sites which obtained the permission from a reputable regulative body. The number of them is not so big, so I advise you to remember their names. Currently one of the most reputable online casino jurisdictions is definitely Malta Commission, which, as you have guessed, is situated at Malta island.

Malts is considered to be one of the strictest regulative bodies, which has worked out a whole range of demands to online casinos around the world. Its diligence and inexorability is out of any doubts and this is proved during the years of its existence. In fact, this gaming commission was established in 2000 under the Public Lotto Ordinance. It gave a stimulus to the creation of the Lotteries and Gaming Authority, which had a right to give licenses to gaming sites, including online casinos. The Remote Gambling Regulations was also formed and after it the four classes of gaming sites got a chance to receive a permission. Two of these classes are not related to online gambling as they are virtual sport betting and corresponding advertising at Malta, but the first and the fourth classes have to do directly with Internet gambling. They relate to online casino operators and online casino hosts.

If we about the legal status of the casino, it depends on the state in which the players play the game. The rules and regulations related to online casino differ in various states. Out of the various platforms, K7bola provides complete detail related to the legal status of the platform.

In general, it is difficult to obtain a license at Malta Gaming Commission, but highly reputable. It has three stages to pass before it will make up the mind concerning a final decision. The first stage is called “Fit and Proper” and at this stage the commission examines preliminary preparation and readiness of the site. Bank references are important in this case. Then it’s the turn of the second stage which is called “Business and Technical Ability Assessment.” Within the framework of this stage the commission evaluates all technical and financial abilities of the site as well as checks the work of online casino software and the payout percent stated. And the last stage is “Compliance Audit”. If an online casino passes successfully through all three stages, then it obtains a license with five years validity. However, it’s not free, as a site has to pay MTL 1.000 and an annual fee at the rate of 0.5% of the income.

Malta Gaming Commission got such a reputation and the fame thanks to the fact that in 2007 the United Kingdom added it to the white list allowing the advertising at the territory of the country. Certainly, such online casino jurisdiction looks highly reputable in the eyes of the others and thus attract more and more people to online casinos with Malta license.

Moreover, additional security is added thanks to the fact that all licensees should be the members of the European Gaming and Betting Operators (EGBA). Providing the fact that EGBA has its own strict rules, we get a very good result.

In conclusion I may say that it is safe and secure to play at online casinos licensed at Malta Gaming Jurisdiction, as it takes all necessary measures not to allow granting a license to disreputable sites.