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Making Money As A Casino Affiliate

Affiliates are currently battering the casino programs doors down just to get their slice of this 4-Billion dollar industry. Who can blame them, online gaming is booming and there has never been a better time to jump onboard.

Like it or loathe it, you never have to go far online without seeing an advertisement popping up or a spam e-mail in your inbox promoting an online casino. This in itself sets alarm bells ringing for affiliates who think they are missing out on an instant cash windfall that could arrive as soon as next month.

It’s not as simple as this of course but it is true to say that there are many casino affiliates out there raking in 5-figure commissions every month as regular as clockwork. This is not surprising because we all know online casinos make vast fortunes and the majority of this revenue is generated by affiliates from all corners of the globe.

It is also true that there are a small number of ‘super affiliates’ who are creaming off the big money while the majority of affiliates have to be content with a few hundred dollars a month. You need to educate yourself with the marketing options you should be using so you can be one of the elite group of casino super affiliates.

Online casinos give away almost half of their profits in commissions to affiliates plus other bounty payments. This fact alone will tell you that it’s a real money-spinner for both parties. When online casinos provide bonuses and incentives to players such as a new Ferrari 360 Modena, free air miles, get 200% free or get a structured $888 bonus for playing then it would be fair to assume that they are not just keeping their heads above water. Online casinos make big bucks the reason being games like Interwin slot.

There has been talk in recent times into the legality of promoting online casinos. This still remains a ‘grey’ area so there is no real yes or no answer. Certain governments are trying to insert pressure but when it interferes with human rights issues it is doubtful this will become clearer in the near future. Players from the USA can play at some casinos but not others so if you want to promote to the US market you can. Just Google ‘USA Friendly Casinos’ and once you visit the brand go to the affiliate link, sign-up, and promote.

Banning the promotion of online casinos would be a difficult law to enforce, especially when the casinos are legally licensed outside these jurisdictions My advise is to check the online casinos affiliate terms and conditions before you sign-up if you are unsure. They are constantly updated.

All this said, casino affiliates can clearly see the financial benefits and some enjoy being involved in an industry that others may see as a little taboo. Whatever your reasons, if you have the commitment to succeed in a challenging market then being part of one of the most exciting industries in the world could bring its financial rewards.