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Lifting The Curtain On Microgaming

Ever heard of Microgaming? It is likely that if you are online casino gaming, you would have at least seen the word!

To put it simply in an understandable description, Micorgaming is a software development company that ultimately focuses on online casino gaming software.

Fifteen years ago, in 1994, Microgaming was the first to present the world with internet casino software. It is commendable that Microgaming is, up to date, still the number one casino software developer and yet continues to outclass its competitors each day by generating more exciting casino games and better performing software.

It is a bold statement to make that Microgaming is the best online casino software developer and that they outshine their competitors for 15 years! However, it can not be disputed if one takes a look at the multiple and diverse awards they have collected in the past and are continuously being nominated for more!

Some of the accolades in their pockets are the Best Slots Software Award for Slots Jam, the Best Software Award for Casino Meister, and the Best Casino Software for Casino Man.

In the category for Best Online Casino Games, the Online Gambling Insider has secured this prestigious award. Another golden mark is the Casino Affiliate Programs that pushed the Best iGaming Casino Software award right into their pockets. With credentials like these, a bold statement calling Microgaming the best is surely justified!

When one takes a closer look at online casino games there are two factors that tell apart the men from the boys. As with most things in life, there is a constant contest between quality and quantity. When it comes to Microgaming, both these factors are paramount.

Part of being human is to be inquisitive and searching for new and different things all the time and when it comes to online casino games, Microgaming makes sure that online players do not need to experience a dull moment.

Currently, more than four hundred casino games are on hand for online gaming enthusiasts to do away with their boredom. However, for Microgaming, 400 different online casino games are a little too much and they are constantly releasing new casino games on about a monthly basis!

Although it is good to have hundreds of variations of all the most popular online casino games, Microgaming makes sure that quality is not compromised for quantity! Moreover, even if they are legendary for providing the most excellent online casino games, implementing their innovative Viper technology, makes it even more exhilarating when it comes to the exceptional real-life graphics and lifelike sound effects. These effects are so realistic, you might imagine yourself being in a true Vegas Casino!


With Microgaming’s online casino games, you have two options of enjoying the thrill of online casinos. You can either play it right from your computer by downloading the complete internet casino to your PC with a click of a button with no restriction to the more than 500 games at your disposal.

Flash games allow you to join in the fun and excitement without downloading the casino to your computer. This way you just dive into the action via your internet browser. The down part of this option is that you will not be able to enjoy the huge variety of games provided with the downloaded version.

Sbobet believes that online casinos are the best way to beat boredom and also win big on the side! With online casinos, you can not only enjoy winning money on your favorite games but also have a good time with a community of international players who just like you enjoy playing in the online casino.