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How To Make Money With Bitcoins

Bitcoin is perhaps a finacial opportunity of a life time. There are about 5 strategies of making money with Bitcoin and we are going to tell you about all of them…

STRATEGY 1: Invest in Bitcoin

Investing in Bitcoin may seem quite risky but have been very profitable over last years because Bitcoin value is steadily increasing. You can simply buy some Bitcoins, keep it safe (or lend it further to even increase your profits) and sell it later. You can ease the whole process by simply buying shares of a Bitcoin fund to avoid safekeeping.

STRATEGY 2: Trade with Bitcoin

As long as price of Bitcoin is very volatile, it creates very interesting opportunities for day trading. That requires having an account on an exchange of choice and repeatedly buying or selling Bitcoins at the right moments. Another less adrenalin yet very profitable way of making money with Bitcoin is arbitrage. It needs extra efford and knowledge but can create quite nice passive income.

STRATEGY 3: Get paid with Bitcoins

Internet payments are crazy simple since Bitcoin inception. They allow unseen business models to arise. Very popular is for example content sharing in exchange of tiny payments. You can share an article for as little as 25 cents (measured in Bitcoins) or sell a photo. Than, you can either keep earned Bitcoins or exchange them to your local currency.

Another great opportunity for a company is to start accepting payments in Bitcoins beside regular fiat currencies. It gives you some extra attention and a competitive edge. All you need to do is to use one of available merchant solutions. These solutions automatically and instantly convert Bitcoins to your local currency so you don’t have to worry about Bitcoin price at all.

STRATEGY 4: Mine and sell bitcoins

You can provide your hardware for Bitcoin network in exchange of getting some transaction fees as well as some newly created Bitcoins. This is by consensus called mining. Keep in mind, however, that the time when your CPU or graphic card could make you some bitcoins is long time over. In order to mine efficiently, you will need to buy specialized hardware and to join a mining pool.

STRATEGY 5: Set up your Bitcoin company

Bitcoin is a brand new technology used on CasinoFair Blog and there are still many possibilities how to help this technology to mainstream. Now is a great opportunity to come up with a useful service for people (such as full reserve banks, funds, merchant solutions, exchanges, payment services, info-products etc.) which is by our opinion the most honorable way how to make money with Bitcoin. You could also take advantage of some Bitcoin accelerators or incubators. You can also try to raise some money for your project by crowdfunding.


There are at least 5 strategies how to make money with bitcosin. The most conservative way is probably sharing your content or Bitcoin arbitrage. The most adventurous way could be either investing in bitcoin and day-trade it or setting up a Bitcoin company.

The data likewise can incorporate the sender’s and beneficiary’s wallet addresses — a long series of numbers and letters connected to a computerized wallet that stores cryptographic money. Both the exchange sum and wallet delivers could be utilized to recognize who the real individuals utilizing it are.