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How to Host a Pink Poker Party

So you like to play poker, but you don’t like to play with the guys? Host a Pink Poker Party, a great way to hang out with the girls and stay away from the mall! As more and more women have learned to play the game, poker has lost the “guys night” mentality and opened itself to a whole new group of players: Women.

Before you start planning your Pink Poker Party, you should probably understand the game. Skim through The Rules of Neighborhood Poker According to Hoyle, by Stuart Wolpin, or find an experienced player to teach you the basics of the how to play.

Start with finding six adventurous women who are willing to play, or learn to play poker, and invite them over. Let everyone know that while they should bring a few bucks, that the first few hands are a practice run. (It shouldn’t take more than four or five hands for everyone to start catching on.) Make sure you have some cheat sheets showing the rules and what a winning hand looks like available for anyone who needs them.

Encourage your guests to dress for the theme of the party. Jeans and cowboy boots, green visors, and even pink fuzzy slippers are great conversation pieces while you’re playing cards. Speaking of clothes, have your poker pals dig through their closets for a ridiculous article of clothing or accessory to bet on the last hand of the night. This could be a long feather boa, a tiara, or an over-the-top piece of costume jewelery; The item itself doesn’t matter, but the bragging rights do! (Wouldn’t it be fun to have something you could say “Yeah, I won this playing poker with the girls” about?)

Get some fun cards and festive poker chips to use. Novelty store often sell these items in various colors and styles, catering to the needs of the pickiest poker players out there, so you should have fun picking your style. (For added entertainment, grab a couple of your guests beforehand, and have them help you choose what to buy.)

Burn yourself a CD for the Pink Poker Party. Make sure you include “The Gambler” by Kenny Rogers, “Money Changes Everything” by Cyndi Lauper, and “Whose Bed Have You Boots Been Under” by Shania Twain. Add a few more of your own favorites, and you’ll be set for music all night.

Serve finger food that can be eaten while you play cards. This can include items like deviled eggs, chicken fingers, carrot sticks, and bite-sized brownies. Make plenty of strawberry margaritas and you’ll be set for your Pink Poker Night. Let the games begin! Effective tips can be followed through the person to host a https://idbandarq.online site. The playing of the games will be beneficial to meet the desired results. The invitation to the friends and family members will be excellent with bonuses and jackpots.