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How I Started Playing Online Blackjack

Before I start, let me make a confession. I am not much of a gambler. I have never been in an actual casino, sat at a roulette table or played a game of poker with anyone save a few friends, and that was more for fun than for the money. And I certainly never played blackjack. In fact, for a long time I didn’t even know the rules of this game or how is it played.

Well, that all changed when I noticed that a lot of my friends suddenly stopped with most of their activities. When I asked them why are they acting like a bunch of old people, they told me that they’ve started playing online blackjack. I laugh at this at first, but as a curious individual I had to check what all of the fuss is about.

Let me tell you, I was hooked pretty fast. After a few days I didn’t dream of teasing them for “wasting their time”. I couldn’t imagine just how much fun this game could actually be. Very soon, I was fully registered to an online blackjack website where my friends were playing and we all enjoyed countless games of blackjack. Of course, those were just for fun as we would often tease the person who lost most of his money once we got together in person. Of course, we made a rule that whoever won that week (we played a game once every week, every Tuesday) would pay for the drinks next evening when we go to a bar.

Of course, I didn’t play just against friends. While these games were fun, I couldn’t bring my self to take more than a hundred bucks from a friend in this way. So I started playing against strangers as well, for more money. Naturally, I lost just as many as I have won (at least I think, ha ha), but I have also managed to make a lot of friends this way, too. Friends from places I’m certain that I would never go to. Like Mexico for instance. Suffice to say, that I keep in touch with most of the people that I met during those games and we don’t talk just about blackjack.

There you have it. If even a complete newbie at blackjack can learn quickly how to play this game, earn money and generally have fun, plus make some new friends, what makes you think you can’t? And if you think that these games are meant just for someone who is new at this game and that “pros” have nothing do look for here, think again. Even a seasoned veteran can learn a lot playing online blackjack and later use his knowledge in a conventional game. It is seen the people love to Judi QQ online as there is a stock of varieties of QQ games available to play on. Players are also given away rewards and prices on winning that keep them involve over the gambling websites to make more bets and enjoy themselves. And if all of that isn’t enough, you don’t have to move from your room and play against someone who is thousand miles away from you just like he or she is sitting next to you.