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Games for the Whole Family on Christmas

When you’re done eating that 800 calorie breakfast, and ripping open the presents under the tree, there are plenty of things to do that don’t involve sleeping it off until dinner. Nor do they involve the board or card games.

One is Christmas tree hula. You’ll need a “grass” skirt for this one, even if you make it out of shredded 30-gallon garbage bags. Each family member takes a turn donning the hula skirt. Then, it’s up to that member to cobble together whatever Christmas tree ornaments he or she thinks would make a nice lei, and wear it. Take two branches off the tree, and wave them around. Tucking a silk flower in one’s hair isn’t really necessary, but adds a nice touch.

Each person is given 30 seconds to do his or her best moves while listening to a clip from The Messiah. Scoring is fairly easy: one point for hip rotation and two for a hip jut that would make a great camera pose. One point is taken off for each ornament that is broken or chipped. The oldest person in the household keeps score and proclaims the winner.

The next game is Christmas Tree Limbo. We played it on the front porch because we had pines on either side, but you could play it indoors. You’ll need a bamboo pole or some sort of 6′ long stick, but you can fake the trees, using whatever furniture you have. The music has to be Chubby Checker’s “Limbo Rock.” If you touch the stick, you’re out of the game. Those who don’t, have it lowered on them until there’s a winner.

Then, everyone cracks up laughing. Take it from there, to decide which game to play again, until dinner. Besides that, if you can also try Poker Online if some of your family members are away from you at Christmas as well. This way you can include them in this fun activity as well.