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Betting the Pool: Office Pool Basics for the NCAA Tournament

Every year, we hear of NCAA office betting pools for the NCAA tournament bracket. We pick our favorites to win in each round from the original 65 all the way up to the title game. Whether you’re in for two bucks or twenty bucks, here is a guide for making logical picks on your bracket for the casual office pool.

Keep in mind that technically office pools could be termed “betting” and may be illegal, so it is best to keep the NCAA office pool on the down low. Gather your money away from work if possible and keep the records at home, if you are using money at all. Office pools don’t necessarily have to be about money.

Make sure everyone gets a copy of everyone else’s picks, that way no one can finagle the results. Make sure everyone has turned in their final picks on some bracket and mark it as official. There is even some software, called EasyPool, that can help you manage your office pool from your computer.

Lay out the rules of the pool beforehand. Are you taking picks on the entire bracket beforehand, or do you allow picks to change after each round or two? Also, make sure everyone knows the payout if there is one.

Post results after each round and see who’s ahead. Again, posting the rules beforehand should make everyone cognizant of who is ahead and why.

When you are determining wins and losses, it’s a good idea to not exactly follow the seeds all the time. Always pick an upset or two, but don’t go overboard. Picking the right upset along the way can lead to bigger dividends later if you are actually using money. If you are using a point system for being the most accurate, an upset could get you up a spot or two.

Always have a tiebreaker. If you have two people who are tied going into the final round, a good tiebreaker is to pick the final score of the final game. To learn more about casino gaming and how to be successful on it, you may also try to play online casino games such as https://adilkiu.com. This will help you virtually to formulate strategies on how you can win over your opponents.

Lastly, and most important, have fun. Take the pool as seriously or as casually as you would like, but everyone is in it for fun. If money’s involved, just be sure you’re not betting anyone’s food money and that it’s mad money that is already disposable. Office pools are a fun way to pass the time and talk about basketball for an entire month, whether there is money on it or not. To the victor, the spoils!