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Beating Live Poker: Identifying Good Players

When sitting down at a poker table one of the first things that you should do is start observing the other players. In the game of poker it is important to know what you’re up against. One thing that has been useful to be when I play is to classify each player at the table in one of four player categories. Putting these players in the respective category will let me know how I should play against each of the players when I get in a hand with them. The four player categories I use are:

Loose Passive

This type of player will play a very high percentage of hands. They will not bet before the flop unless it is a monster hand such as QQ+ and maybe AK. Once the flop comes they will do a lot of calling down. If you were to ever see a raise from this player it makes for an easy fold unless you have an outstanding hand.

Tight Passive

This player will play only the best of hands before the flops. Once the flop comes if they do not make a pair or have a very strong draw they will often fold to any bet. The tight passive player is probably the worst player at the table. This style of play can never be profitable.

Loose Aggressive

The loose aggressive (LAG) style of play is one of two profitable ways to play the game of poker. The LAG will play many hands preflop and will bet after the flop whether they have made a hand or not. The LAG will put in many raises to your bets. For this reason it is best to play against them with only the best of hands and make them pay for their aggression.

This is the reason why one should have hands that are loose and limber so as to pick, choose and straighten up the cards but at a quicker and aggressive phase for which strong reflexes are a must, something that you won’t find in poker online terpercaya as its played online where there are no thrills or nervousness to look forward to.

Tight Aggressive

This style of play in my opinion is the most profitable when playing live poker. This is the style that I employ. I will play only strong hands and use my position at the table to my advantage. I will also bet almost every flop whether I have hit the hand or not. The TAG and LAG are very similar post flop, the biggest differences come before the flop. It takes a pretty good amount of hands to find out whether a player is loose or tight. Aggression is easy to see but you cannot know whether they are doing it with good hands or not unless they are forced to show.

Check back for a full explanation of each player type. This will include detailed analysis of how to play each player.