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Playing Poker for a Living

Making a living from poker seems like a career utopia: Work your own hours, take your own vacations, make bundles of money. But the dream is far different than reality, however, that’s not to say playing poker for a living isn’t doable or exciting…but it is difficult.

There are a few considerations to take into before embarking on your career as a poker player.

  1. Do you have a wife and or children?
  1. Do you have a job that pays well?
  1. Do you have dependents?
  1. Can you handle the pressure of maybe losing money in a month?
  1. Can you deal with the psychological factors that creep up in poker, like tilt?


If you’re single, young, living with your parents and have relatively few expenses, then there is little risk in trying poker for a living. However, if you have people that depend on you for financial support, the difficulty in starting a career in poker is multiplied by 20. You must ensure that you have enough money to cover expected and unexpected expenses for 1 year if you have a family, or anyone depending on you. This means that this is money that is not part of your bankroll. My general rule for bankroll is 50 times buy in. Which means, if you’re playing $100 NL, you need to have $5 K to start out. This allows you have to have downturns, but not worry about the stress of running out of money.

Are you actually good?

Be truthful to yourself: Do you win at the current limits you play at right now? If not, then don’t even consider moving to full time right now. Read poker books, play more and practice getting your win rate up. If you can beat the current limits, can you make a living at them? Or do you need to move up another limit? If you need to move up, take into account that the next limit is going to be more difficult, thus cutting into your win rate. This is why it is recommended by experts to do some practice online first before trying the actual game. This will help you formulate strategies that you can use in the game. You can visit websites like

Can you deal with losing?

It doesn’t matter how good you are, you will lose. Sometimes you’ll have a losing month, meaning no paycheck. Can you handle that? For a lot of people, this would create a lot of stress, and therefore the reason you need to have a year’s worth of expenses in your bank before you begin. If you’re the type of person who gets hot and bothered with losing, don’t try a career in poker. It won’t end well for you.

Do you go on tilt often?

Going on tilt means you play recklessly after something unfortunate happens to you. If you can’t get up from the table after losing with a three of a kind, and instead try to win all your losses back, then your poker career will be short lived. It’s vital to quit playing when you think you’re on tilt. This is one of, if not the most important point to consider before playing poker. This can drop your bankroll from $5 K to $1 K in the blink of an eye. You must not go on tilt. Or get up from the table if you do.

Telling friends and family

Ok, let’s face it…poker isn’t a mainstream career in today’s society. Telling your friends and family of your plans may provoke faces of panic. They may think you’re a gambling addict, have no path in life, think it’s a low-life career, etc. This will probably be the hardest decision in making that leap to a career in poker. It’s hard to succeed in something if you don’t think the people that love you will support you. But then again, sometimes that’s all the more reason to do it.

Playing poker for a living is indeed viable, but it’s not near as easy as it’s made out to be. There is a great risk that you will fail, but sometimes the pros outweigh the cons.

Self-Help For Gambling Addiction: A Personal Story

People in all walks of life become addicted to many different thing. people with addications have been labeled with many different titles compulsive, impulse disoder, obessive basically all of these titles come under one heading the lack of self control. We all use self control in our daily life and we all have our bad habits or good habits . A bad habit of uncontrolled gambling is a habit many accure. If not keep in check will take everything you have.

For most people with this uncontrolled habit they are told abstaining from gambling is the only way for them to recover from this illness. Having myself tried this method I fine it may not be the cure for everyone. I have abstained many times over the years for different periods of time , but fine myself always returning back to this bad habit. After many times of relasp I had ask myself why can’t I stop this illness that is affecting my life in a negative manner. It took me sometime and much research finding the answer to my question. First I thought about all the different labels that are giving to this illness.

Deciding what label fit me was the first step. I felt my problem comes under the heading of an impulse disorder. My impulse to gamble became so strong I forgot all about the weapon of self control. We all have the ability to control our life and decided which road for us to take. Self control is most imorptant because it keeps are life in check. Forgetting about this weapon had caused me to gamble uncontrollable. Even are worst habits if useing are ability to control them to some point we keep them under check. I found that abstaining from ganbling caused me to have much anxiety and anger inside of me . The anger came from wanting to do something I once enjoyed. Also by abstaining it did noting for the desire I had to gamble . To me abstaining seemed to make the desire stronger. Many gambers who have abstained from gambling for many years have told me if they had to stop today it would be amost impossible . The reson fort thinking that way is because gambling has become much easier to access, and more excpet by society and almost every where you go there is some form of gambling .

Now this can hardly be good news for people that are trying to kick the habit of gambling once and for all but at the same time it is also the perfect opportunity to test your new found resolution and how successful you are in it by refraining from going to a online website and try out the choicest ventures.

I know many problem gamblers who abstained for many years and still need the support of a group, I asked myself why and the only answer is that the desier for gambling still burns inside of them and a relasp could happen at anytime. For myself I can’t see supressing a feeling that one has for a life time, it would seem to bring stress and frustration into one’s life Depriving yourself of a feeling or a need could only make you desire it more. My next step was how do I control my proplem. Thinking abut it I decided to use the power of myself control. I thought it would be easier to control something then to try and suppress feelings and the need to do something you desier. Also I believe the power of one’s mine is also another weapon that if used can overcome many problems we encounter in our life.My deciding to use self control over abstaining was based on several things. First knowing I would never lose the desier for gambling. Second knowing relaspe could affect me at any time. Third the ease of access to gambling, and the most important of all mine over matter. I will be in control of my own mine not the other way around. So my decidion to use self control over abstaining was what I decided was the answer to the battle I have been fighting for many years.

Games for the Whole Family on Christmas

When you’re done eating that 800 calorie breakfast, and ripping open the presents under the tree, there are plenty of things to do that don’t involve sleeping it off until dinner. Nor do they involve the board or card games.

One is Christmas tree hula. You’ll need a “grass” skirt for this one, even if you make it out of shredded 30-gallon garbage bags. Each family member takes a turn donning the hula skirt. Then, it’s up to that member to cobble together whatever Christmas tree ornaments he or she thinks would make a nice lei, and wear it. Take two branches off the tree, and wave them around. Tucking a silk flower in one’s hair isn’t really necessary, but adds a nice touch.

Each person is given 30 seconds to do his or her best moves while listening to a clip from The Messiah. Scoring is fairly easy: one point for hip rotation and two for a hip jut that would make a great camera pose. One point is taken off for each ornament that is broken or chipped. The oldest person in the household keeps score and proclaims the winner.

The next game is Christmas Tree Limbo. We played it on the front porch because we had pines on either side, but you could play it indoors. You’ll need a bamboo pole or some sort of 6′ long stick, but you can fake the trees, using whatever furniture you have. The music has to be Chubby Checker’s “Limbo Rock.” If you touch the stick, you’re out of the game. Those who don’t, have it lowered on them until there’s a winner.

Then, everyone cracks up laughing. Take it from there, to decide which game to play again, until dinner. Besides that, if you can also try Poker Online if some of your family members are away from you at Christmas as well. This way you can include them in this fun activity as well. 

List Of All The 8 Best Casual Poker Game!

Pkv Games Online are considered as one of the most played and popular games from all around the world. There are hundreds of players who are considering the online platform for playing poker games online. People are considering poker games because it is one of the best methods through which one can earn money just by sitting at home even though the transactions are legalized and genuine. These websites are trustworthy and authorized, which means that the player will not face any problem while playing poker games online.

When we consider the online platform, then there are multiple ways through which one can play these games for a longer time. It is rendered that a player can play these games as long as they have a good internet connection. In the lower section, I am going to list some of the best casual poker games so that you can go through them and earn money through it.

The 8 best casual poker games such as:

  • Appeak
  • Governor of poker 3
  • Mega hit poker
  • Poker 5 card drew
  • Poker heat
  • Video poker classic
  • World series of poker
  • Zynga poker

The above listed are some of the 8 best poker games which can be accessed through any medium and online website. By playing these games, you can build social contacts as well as earn money through it. More often it will also enhance your contacts such as you can play these games with your friends and family anytime, anywhere. There is no time limit for playing these games because you can play them when you are free to reduce your boredom. Also, all the information is mentioned in the above section through which you can easily go through the best casual poker games for earning money.

Poker Chip Sets – Significant Details You Need To Know!

Poker is a popular card game that can help gamblers make a huge amount of money in no time. When it comes to playing poker games, the importance of poker chips shouldn’t be ignored. You should know all about the poker chip sets in order to get started. Well, the chips are small discs of different colors.

These chips are used as real deal money while playing poker games on different gambling websites. Usually, the poker chips are made as per the themes and formats of the casinos. In order to know more about poker chip sets, you should keep reading this post.

Types of material used in poker chips 

As you know, poker chips are made up of different types of materials. You can buy the chips as per your wants. Usually, the four types of materials are used in poker chips which are – 

  • Plastic

The plastic chips are cheapest, and these are of plain colors. These chips are light in weight and don’t have any specifications. This set is perfect for using at home. 

  • Clay

The chips made of clay are really expensive, and countless people use them. These chips are considered as the best option at the table.

  • Ceramic chips

Well, the ceramic chips are more durable than the chips made up of clay. These types of chips are used in the casino halls, and you can purchase them for private use.

  • Metal chips

The metal chips are a piece of art that can be manufactured in the variations of gold, silver as well as bronze. 

It is also important to know the role of poker chip sets in Pkv Games Online as well as other poker games. With the help of this, you can play poker perfectly and maximize your profits.

Blind Levels in Sit and Go Poker Tournaments

Even though sit and go tournaments change based on the location that the game is played (online or live) and the type of poker being played (limit, no-limit, stud, hold-em, HORSE), the blind levels are generally the same, and therefore can be planned for and used to your advantage over players who are either unprepared or who haven’t made the same preparations as you.

Blind levels are set up to gradually force players out of a game. If too many players don’t play or play tight, the increasing blinds will force everyone to play any two cards and it will make the outcome of the sit and go be entirely up to chance. As someone who has invested money you want to make sure this doesn’t happen and if possible, plan to make sure it doesn’t happen to you accidentally.

The beginning of a sit and go generally consists of about three blind levels. In online play, those are often 10-20, 15-30, and 25-50. Unless the play is really crazy, these three levels will often be relatively easy as everyone has ample stacks and therefore they shouldn’t play really bad cards.

The next few levels of blinds are really considered the middle of any sit and go, and a place where everyone really starts to get into the game and are forced to play either because previous mistakes have lowered their stack, or they are preparing for the bubble. In online play, these would be the blinds from 30-60 to 60-120, which is often 4-5 rounds. These rounds are strikingly different from the first ones as they increase much more quickly in terms of nominal size and therefore drain tight players’ stacks much faster. At this point, you should make sure to have a strong stack because otherwise your chips will be drained very quickly on the blinds.

After this, the game really goes into overdrive. Blinds begin to rise by a huge amount to the point that almost everyone in the sit and go is starting to feel the pressure. In a single table sit and go, if you pass the 60-120 mark with 5 people or more you are almost guaranteed that it will be a very random level of play from now on as most people will be hurting for chips and therefore forced to play a much poorer style of poker or even online poker.

When playing sit and go’s, always make sure to be cognizant of the blind level and how it will affect the play. If you make sure to do this then you will find that it is easier to keep your focus and react to what other people will do as they do it.

The Evolution of Craps

It’s been a long winding road to the modern online version of craps casino gambling. Dice games appear to go back many millennia depending on which historical authority you refer to, and the online craps history is beginning to grow as well. A very brief synopsis of that transformation to the modern virtual game, and why the current version is a natural improvement upon tradition is explained below:

Long before online craps, history records a number of cultures who allegedly developed the game. According to Wikipedia, ‘Hazard’ was the original name for craps, although the more precise original basis for the game remains uncertain. It is variously claimed that either the Arab peoples created it before it migrated to Europe, or that it was created by the Knights of England as a form of recreation they performed between each other in between attempts to seize Hazarth Castle in 1125. Since it was an Arab Castle, it could be argued that Sir William of Tyre and his Knights learned of the game during the siege.

It is also claimed that dice, the basic object used in the modern game, dates to 600 BC in Egypt, and was used by ancient Middle Eastern peoples to play early versions of gambling game, though it’s not clear if those games resemble what we know today as craps. The same can be said of ancient Indians, whose poets mentioned their warriors often played dice games. Still others say Roman soldiers created it, by shaving down pig knuckles to form cubes that they would then roll for their enjoyment or to place bets on. It was nonetheless among the English peoples where craps grew in popularity, and where it became a highly played amusement in gambling parlors by the 1600s.

The French became fascinated with the game in the 18th century, and it is from their corrupted version of the English word “crabs” that the word craps is derived (it is the French term for “snake eyes” or losing in the game). Craps was played in the French colony of Arcadia until the middle of the century, when the English took control of the area and renamed it Nova Scotia. French settlers in Louisiana brought the game to colonial America and by the early 1800s hazard was simplified into the current version of craps. To some extent the allure of craps was magnified at this time, by being associated with the romantic image people had of showboat casinos and wild west gambling halls.

John H. Winn modernized the game still further in the early 20th century by introducing the modern grid layout, and rules for playing it. Winn’s version of the game also eliminate cheating, by permitting the disciplines to bet both for or against the shooter. The state of Nevada legalized gambling in 1931 it set the stage for explosive growth in popularity of craps and other casino games. The second world war produced another resurgence in the game, as soldiers played it during an active periods between battle assignments. This helped spread the current version around the world. Craps has since become one of the standard games available at casinos worldwide.

Gambling has become quite popular and notorious due to it being such a tempting game while the wise people consider it as a lure for fools that can only incite hatred and lead to loss of everything that you own but that does not stop anyone from trying it out and with internet being available on smartphones, there are numerous situs judi resmi and you will be spoilt for choice to search out for even one of them.

How Can You Play Card Games Online?

Card games have become really popular as people are now confined within the walls of their house. Since you cannot go out of your home to meet your friends and family because of the virus epidemic, people are looking for ways for recreation. One of the best ways to do so is by playing card games. So, how can you play card games online? Take a look at it in today’s blog and meanwhile you can also check Poker Online Terpercaya for playing.


Physical card games over video

 a very easy way to play card games with your friends online is by video calling them. There are obviously some difficulties of doing so, but you can try it out. Using the webcam you can easily see the other person and for playing this all the participants must have deck of cards.

Play on dedicated websites

 there are many websites that allow you to play virtual card games. These websites feature different kinds of card games that include Rummy, Pyramids and Hearts. Just create an account and invite all of your friends to visit the same website and join a game. They are very easy to play and follow the same rules like you do in real life.

Play card games on an app

 nowadays, there are many mobile phone apps that offer you with the opportunity to play cards. These are easily available for both iOS and Android devices, making it easier for you to play with anyone you want to. These apps have great graphics and smooth gameplay, just like reality.

These are the few ways in which you can play card games online with your friends. Ensure that you have plenty of internet data because it is essential for a very seamless gameplay.

Lucky Chances Casino in Colma, CA: A Review

All casinos are basically designed to take epic amounts of money from the people to visit them. It’s pretty much the ultimate “get rich and stay rich” scheme, even with the amounts they pay out regularly, they still take in far more on the whole. But different casinos have different styles and different vibes. Some are more bottom-dollar and ruthless, while some at least make the pretenses of pleasantries and giving you a good time in return for all that money you dropped.

Lucky Chances Casino is one of those smallish “card rooms” that seems to perpetually be skirting the edge of illegality in the community it established itself in. It was built back in the late 90s, and this is just speculation on my part, but I’m pretty sure it was built because someone noticed that there’s a huge Asian population in the Bay Area, and among Asian cultures there seems to be a disproportionate trend of problem gambling as compared to other social groups. So, put two and two together and what you come up with is that this place is basically here to prey on compulsive Asian gamblers, particularly elderly ones, and that is the crowd it draws and the vibe it generates. The generation of income will be great at Mahirqq site with increasing winning chances. The playing strategy of the person should be great to increase the bank account with jackpots and bonuses. The participation in the leagues will be great with skills and excellence. 

Vibe is important. Las Vegas goes to tremendous lengths to put out a vibe of opulence and glamour. Even Reno has some fun spots, with more of a vibe of unpretentiousness and inexpensive good times. Lucky Chances Casino is like neither of these, or any major casino city in the Western world.

“So what” you may say, “I don’t care if I’m surrounded by James Bond women or pushy Chinese grandmas who can barely walk, all I wanna know is how’s The Action?” Well, the house is basically split in half into two types of card games. One half is Asian themed card games with Pai Gow, Double Hand, Super Pan 9, Three Card Poker and Blackjack. All of these have their little unique twists you have to be familiar with or you’ll get cleaned out in record time. Then on the other side you’ve got the more “Vegas style” games – Omaha Hi/Lo, Texas Hold ‘Em, Spread Limit Hold ‘Em and 7-Card Stud.

As far as limits expect 3/6 at the low end and 30/60 at the high end. 1-1-2 is the usual old people and noob game with the occasional hustler buying in looking to fleece everyone, and expect all-ins every single hand regardless of what everyone is holding. 2-3-5 has a 200 max spread limit, but apparently there’s some no-limit tables. 10-10-20 is for the hardcore Asian mafia types with no max buy-in and thousands flying around per hand. One icky touch is that the house takes $4 for itself and then another $1 to 2 for the “bad beat” jackpots on spread limit hands.

If you look on Yelp there’s like 200 great reviews of the Filipino food at the Cafe Colma here. If you go and try it like I did, then scratch your head and wonder why people are raving about microwave food that you pay $10 per plate for, look again and notice that most of them were drunk and fresh from the club when they ate here around 2-3 A.M., and most of them have no basis of comparison with really good Filipino food so anything with eggs and rice and some fat in it becomes instantly wonderful under the circumstances. Point is, no matter how much you hear about it, don’t come here for the food alone. Especially between 1 to 4 in the morning when all the clubbers are here and you get to wait upwards of an hour in addition to overpaying for mediocre-to-bad food. They also have a diner that serves seafood and steaks, but it is only open during normal lunch and dinner hours.

Promotions are double Omaha Jackpots on Tuesday afternoons, double Stud Jackpots on Thursday afternoons, and $500 for a royal flush in any Jackpot game at any time (play one hole card, two in Omaha.)

I view a casino trip as sort of a mini-vacation rather than a money hustling propisition, so “poker action” doesn’t mean much to me, and the vibe of desperate, addicted problem gamblers really brings me down (especially when they start cussing out the tables when things don’t go their way.) Thus the atmosphere of this place is just too crummy for my liking, and the food is both overpriced and overrated. I don’t know about you but I’d rather just stash my coin away for a later trip to somewhere much nicer. But if you want it, hey, it’s over in Colma on top of a graveyard. Good luck.

How to Host a Pink Poker Party

So you like to play poker, but you don’t like to play with the guys? Host a Pink Poker Party, a great way to hang out with the girls and stay away from the mall! As more and more women have learned to play the game, poker has lost the “guys night” mentality and opened itself to a whole new group of players: Women.

Before you start planning your Pink Poker Party, you should probably understand the game. Skim through The Rules of Neighborhood Poker According to Hoyle, by Stuart Wolpin, or find an experienced player to teach you the basics of the how to play.

Start with finding six adventurous women who are willing to play, or learn to play poker, and invite them over. Let everyone know that while they should bring a few bucks, that the first few hands are a practice run. (It shouldn’t take more than four or five hands for everyone to start catching on.) Make sure you have some cheat sheets showing the rules and what a winning hand looks like available for anyone who needs them.

Encourage your guests to dress for the theme of the party. Jeans and cowboy boots, green visors, and even pink fuzzy slippers are great conversation pieces while you’re playing cards. Speaking of clothes, have your poker pals dig through their closets for a ridiculous article of clothing or accessory to bet on the last hand of the night. This could be a long feather boa, a tiara, or an over-the-top piece of costume jewelery; The item itself doesn’t matter, but the bragging rights do! (Wouldn’t it be fun to have something you could say “Yeah, I won this playing poker with the girls” about?)

Get some fun cards and festive poker chips to use. Novelty store often sell these items in various colors and styles, catering to the needs of the pickiest poker players out there, so you should have fun picking your style. (For added entertainment, grab a couple of your guests beforehand, and have them help you choose what to buy.)

Burn yourself a CD for the Pink Poker Party. Make sure you include “The Gambler” by Kenny Rogers, “Money Changes Everything” by Cyndi Lauper, and “Whose Bed Have You Boots Been Under” by Shania Twain. Add a few more of your own favorites, and you’ll be set for music all night.

Serve finger food that can be eaten while you play cards. This can include items like deviled eggs, chicken fingers, carrot sticks, and bite-sized brownies. Make plenty of strawberry margaritas and you’ll be set for your Pink Poker Night. Let the games begin! Effective tips can be followed through the person to host a site. The playing of the games will be beneficial to meet the desired results. The invitation to the friends and family members will be excellent with bonuses and jackpots.

Review of Mystic Lake Hotel & Casino

On our travels through this great nation, there was plenty to see and plenty to do. In Minneapolis Minnesota, the only casino we went to, and the only casino in town was the Mystic Lake Hotel and Casino. Owned and operated by the Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux community the Mystic Lake Hotel and Casino has that combination of being within and without; a wonderfully removed appearing place with a wonderful golf course, restaurants, and sweeping vistas and yet the Mystic Lake Casino is just a short half-hour drive to the heart of Minneapolis/St. Paul. Situated on the wonderful Lake Prior, the Mystic Lake Hotel and UFA Casino is one of the entertainment destinations when you’re considering visiting the Twin Cities.

I love casinos, not because I love the endgame (when I run out of money and have to walk away empty-handed) but because of the variety of sights and sounds inside. At the Mystic Lake Casino, they have more than 4,000 slot machines, around 100 blackjack tables, and so much more. If you’re a small-time gambler or if you have no experience at the slots at all, you can still have a great time in the casino at Mystic Lake. According to their website, the Mystic Lake Casino is the Midwest’s “largest casino” and they have the most penny slots in Minnesota. So grab that jar of pennies you’ve been holding onto for all these years and get going! Penny slots are the slowest way to lose the least amount of money and you’re sure to have a great time, even if you feel you have no aim for the game.

Also at Mystic Lake Casino is plenty else to do. Mystic Lake Casino has a steakhouse, a café, a coffee shop, a buffet, and a whole host of other on-the-go food options for the busy visitor. When we were visiting the Mystic Lake Casino it was rather late but we were able to settle down on some chicken poppers from the Gamblers Grill which was one of Mystic Lake’s food-on-the-go options.

Mystic Lake Casino and Hotel has played host to a number of great stars in the past including Jay Leno, Vince Gill, Maroon 5, the Counting Crows and many more. when you’ll be in the Minneapolis / St. Paul area be sure and check back in with the Mystic Lake’s Promenade Stage and see what all the fuss is about.

Whatever your reason for being there; golf, gambling, dining, entertainment, or you just need room to lay your head; the Mystic Lake Casino and Hotel is a perfect option for your getaway dollar in the Twin Cities.

My Friend – The Compulsive Gambler

Do you feel your loved one is gambling just for fun? Are they covering up how many times they go to the casino or bingo hall and how much they spend each time? Because gambling is an addiction, the mind takes over and makes its own choices for the gambler. Here are some signs and important things to look out for if you think a loved one or friend may be gambling their life away and simple ways to tell then they need to stop.

For those who say that someone who gambles can stop at a moment’s notice, maybe has not witnessed firsthand the effects and the control that gambling has on the human psyche.

As someone who is not a gambler and holds on to my money as if it were my last penny when I enter a casino or any establishment for that matter, I seem to analyze each slot machine before I even put two cents in. I know when to stop and maybe that is why I never win big, I usually just break even.

I would like to share my latest experience of going to the casino with a compulsive gambler with the hope it will give someone else the courage to help a friend.

After cashing in on just a few dollars and cents, I had nothing better to do than carefully observe the atmosphere of the casino I was visiting and the kind of people who occupy the machines and the tables during the middle of a weekday afternoon.

It is quite a relaxed place during the afternoons as people are in a light mood after getting respite from work and limiting themselves to judi online without any big bets.

The day started off as a couple of people heading up to Detroit to spend a day at the casino and maybe win it big. An acquaintance of mine had been hinting around for months that she was trying to get me to ride with her to the Greektown Casino, and I always seemed to have something going on that prevented me from saying yes, until one day last month when she asked again and to her surprise I said yes. One thing that intrigued me the most was the Casino was giving away $50,000 in a raffle at 6:30 that evening and it was free to enter, so I thought it sure would be nice to win some money, what have I got to lose?

I had heard of her whirlwind luck at Greektown, and all of her winnings, one that was even as much as $19,000 at one table for one hand of poker, which she said had helped her out of a huge financial bind as she had recently lost her job and the money helped her get caught up on all of her bills. She followed up with a comment that stated if I would have bet just one hundred more dollars I would have won $140,000. Intrigued, I felt the urge to go, still knowing in the back of my head that it was all about a stroke of luck.

When we got there I followed her around a bit and watched her try her hand at poker and a few slots. Knowing she was recently unemployed with limited funds coming in, I felt bad for her when in just the first 15 minutes of being at the casino, she lost $200. Then she started telling me a story about how she has to win that money back, because that was her daughter’s vacation money to go to Florida with. So we headed over to the ATM machine and she withdrew $150. This time she wanted to try her hand at the slot machine. To my shock, I watched as she slipped in twenty dollar bill after twenty dollar bill in and did nothing but hit one button to raise the bet every five seconds and the money kept slipping away. Another $150 was gone in a blink of an eye.

She was in tears literally and said that she had checks going through her account and that when it all cleared she would be overdrawn, if she didn’t make up for the money she lost today, she would be paying for it with overdraft fees and no way to cover the money she just spent plus the outstanding checks.

Her purse was a mess, being an addict like she was, everything inside was pure chaos, just like her financial life and now her personal life as well. She had credit cards strewn and dollar bills and pocket change was buried throughout. She managed to pull out three tattered credit cards, whip out her cell phone and request higher balances. She was able to do so only on two of the credit cards. So now it was back to the ATM to take out cash advances which carried a hefty withdrawal and several penalty fees. In a matter of minutes, $500 in credit card debt was racked up at a poker table. She was mad and angry and desperate. She called four friends and family members in front of me begging for the money, she said she would be good for it. With one friend she said she needed gas money to get back home, but no one gave in. I’m sure they have heard it all before.

We both decided it was time to head home, but waited around long enough to hear about the drawing to see if maybe we had won. I was secretly worried that if she would win the drawing she would blow it in minutes, or worse yet if I had won, she would probably beg me for some money. I knew right then and there that she was a compulsive gambler and she didn’t know how to stop. That was when I looked her in the eyes and told her ” I think you have a gambling problem.”

Here are some signs to look for to see if someone you love may be a compulsive gambler-

  • They are losing more than just a few dollars at the Casino at a time.
  • They are betting spontaneously and losing hundreds or even thousands of dollars at a time.
  • They have anger and resentment issues; using the words “If I only had twenty more dollars” or “if I would have played one more slot it would have hit!”
  • They are asking to borrow money all of the time.
  • They begin stealing.
  • The addict may suddenly develop another addiction or disorder such as an eating disorder or behavioral disorder.
  • The addict begins drinking alcohol more frequently.
  • The addict loses their job.
  • The addict may lose interest in spouse or family. Friends may begin to turn the gambler away.
  • The addict develops poor self esteem.
  • The addict experiences sudden emotional highs and sudden lows.

There are ways that you as a loved one or friend can help.

First, tell the person that you think they may have a problem with gambling. If they are in denial then you may want to nicely point out some characteristics that they resemble that are similar to gambling.

Offer treatment options for them at Gamblers Anonymous.

Offer your willingness to help them on their road to recovery. Tell them you love them but you will not help them feed their gambling habit any longer.

Let them know how their gambling has affected your life and theirs.

By getting the gambler help with the right counselors and advisor’s, you will not only help save them but help save yourself from losing a friend or family member too. The road to recovery should never be walked alone.

How To Play Like A Professional In Texas Holdem?

Playing like a professional requires lots of practice as well as strategies. As a reason, not everyone gets a chance to play in Texas Holdem. Here in this platform, one will find the players from all over the world. Also, several tournaments, as well as opportunities, are acquired by a player for considering gambling games. There are several websites as well as applications through which one can consider situs judi online easily. Making your mark in poker games is not easy because there are several advices as well as strategies one has to build. 

Here, I have listed all the beneficial ways which will become helpful for you to play like a professional in Texas Holdem so wisely read them. Visiting casinos is expensive but it makes a player excited because cherishing around the table and listening cheers is fun-loving. You will experience a different environment by visiting a casino, which is way different as compared to playing online poker games. 

Some beneficial ways for playing like a professional in Texas Holdem:

  • The first way is to estimate your own chips for playing gambling games. 
  • If you want to play just like a professional player, then it is important for you to build your own strategies and acknowledge all the rules for playing and winning the game. 
  • Be in senses, and try to avoid the consumption of drinks so that you can wisely focus on your game. 

All the beneficial ways which will help you to play like a professional in Texas Holdem is listed in the above section for you. 

Some essential information:

While playing the game try to listen your name when your turn comes out. Also, if you have money along with you then lay down all the money on the table which you have. If you will wisely considerthese things then, it will become beneficial for you.

Beating Live Poker: Identifying Good Players

When sitting down at a poker table one of the first things that you should do is start observing the other players. In the game of poker it is important to know what you’re up against. One thing that has been useful to be when I play is to classify each player at the table in one of four player categories. Putting these players in the respective category will let me know how I should play against each of the players when I get in a hand with them. The four player categories I use are:

Loose Passive

This type of player will play a very high percentage of hands. They will not bet before the flop unless it is a monster hand such as QQ+ and maybe AK. Once the flop comes they will do a lot of calling down. If you were to ever see a raise from this player it makes for an easy fold unless you have an outstanding hand.

Tight Passive

This player will play only the best of hands before the flops. Once the flop comes if they do not make a pair or have a very strong draw they will often fold to any bet. The tight passive player is probably the worst player at the table. This style of play can never be profitable.

Loose Aggressive

The loose aggressive (LAG) style of play is one of two profitable ways to play the game of poker. The LAG will play many hands preflop and will bet after the flop whether they have made a hand or not. The LAG will put in many raises to your bets. For this reason it is best to play against them with only the best of hands and make them pay for their aggression.

This is the reason why one should have hands that are loose and limber so as to pick, choose and straighten up the cards but at a quicker and aggressive phase for which strong reflexes are a must, something that you won’t find in poker online terpercaya as its played online where there are no thrills or nervousness to look forward to.

Tight Aggressive

This style of play in my opinion is the most profitable when playing live poker. This is the style that I employ. I will play only strong hands and use my position at the table to my advantage. I will also bet almost every flop whether I have hit the hand or not. The TAG and LAG are very similar post flop, the biggest differences come before the flop. It takes a pretty good amount of hands to find out whether a player is loose or tight. Aggression is easy to see but you cannot know whether they are doing it with good hands or not unless they are forced to show.

Check back for a full explanation of each player type. This will include detailed analysis of how to play each player.