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You’re quite fat. Will you marry me?

Diets, recipes, exercises, liposuction and every kind of supplementation, the roads to a slim body are often extreme for millions of women in the western world. In Africa? Losing weight is probably the last thing that would occur to an African woman as a response to: “What would you like to change about yourself?” African ladies often wish to look more like European or American ladies, but mainly in regard to straight hair of various colors. Celý článek

The Mountain Misty School diary: Dry what you can

4th week (22.9. – 28.9.2014)

It crossed our minds not long ago, that we could open up a shop here in the mountains. Offer people long-life food such as rice, flour, garry (grounded manioku root), groundnuts, oil, but also soap or paraffin. More and more often we came across people who were setting out to Door Market (a market approx. 2 hours of swift walking away) just for three cubes of MAGGI. We would not only save half a day for the people from the mountains, but mainly a new meeting area would be established and everyone would be brought closer together. And just this week we made our first step towards that.
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Diary of the Mountain Misty School: Week 2

(8. 9. – 14. 9. 2014)

So it has begun. The long-awaited beginning of the school year is here. We get up at 6am and we are really excited. And we don’t seem to be alone, because the first children in their ironed uniforms are arriving already before 7:30am (even though we begin at 8). We wait for the late-comers until half past 8 and then we can begin. A short warm up, the register and then off to the classrooms. Because only an average of 13 children arrive to our school all week we connect our classrooms- kindergarden with first grade and second grade with third. We hand out new copy books, pencil cases, pens and pencils. The children are really excited to get their brand new school kits and they hold on to them even during break-times. Now there is really nothing in the way of teaching.

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Diary of The Mountain Misty School: WEEK 1

(1. 9. – 7. 9. 2014)

Although in the Czech Republic it is the first week back to school, it is still preparation time at the beginning of our school year. Every day we clean classrooms, sort out copy books and tests from last year to find out where to pick up from and what to practice during the first school days.

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