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You’re quite fat. Will you marry me?

Diets, recipes, exercises, liposuction and every kind of supplementation, the roads to a slim body are often extreme for millions of women in the western world. In Africa? Losing weight is probably the last thing that would occur to an African woman as a response to: “What would you like to change about yourself?” African ladies often wish to look more like European or American ladies, but mainly in regard to straight hair of various colors. Celý článek

Josef Riha: I wanted to help out at least a bit, since I’m not courageous enough to take things into my own hands like some others do.

I’d like to introduce you to traveller, entrepreneur and first of all adventurer Josef Říha. Over half a year ago he got in touch with me via email, saying that he would like to contribute to our forest-protecting/developmental/educational programme and help us with saving the mountain forest in Northwestern Cameroon. Not many people offer their help on their own accord, therefore I am very happy to pick his brains and find out more about his adrenaline-infused life.

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Is it worth to protect mountain misty forest in Abongphen?

In the Bamenda Highlands mountain range at the North West of Cameroon, close to the capital of region Bamenda, is the place where Abongphen forest can be found. It is often referred to as Tubah Upland Forest which is the name of the region. Bamenda Highlands are one of the few remaining locations on the globe, where this type of rare forest can still is. It is one of the richest, but also most endangered biotops on the Earth. Celý článek

MANUAL: How to plant a tree in Cameroon

Some of the trees grow less than two decimetres a year. Lots of the forest types are sensitive to sunlight. Most of them are a lovely snack for cows (or get stamped on). Very few of them can resist fire. And none of them can survive a machete swing.

To plant a tree and revive the forest is quite hard work, but the reward is bountiful and people are getting attracted to the idea. For the intrigued and the impatient, we are posting this manual to share the knowledge how to do it, so everyone can constructively use their free time and join us.. Celý článek